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The Occult is simply a mysterious, hidden or secret knowledge. Of itself, it is not a good or evil thing, but takes on such a character depending on the use to which it is applied. In this body of knowledge belong the mysteries of life, the New Age Movement, Theosophy, reincarnation and karma, psychic phenomena or ESP, channeling or spirit communication, psychic surgery and alternative healing methods, Nirvanas and other spirit worlds, astral traveling, near-death experiences, Marian apparitions and other ghostly encounters and UFOs and extra-terrestrials.

Largely unheard or completely misunderstood, these New Divine Teachings are nonetheless being brought to the attention of the world by the ascended Masters belonging to the Great White Brotherhood, the avatars and adepts. But Christian entities like Jesus and the apostles, the prophets and saints, Mary, the angels and archangels, spirit guides and other highly evolved beings of all faiths are, likewise, very much actively involved in our spiritual education concerning these new knowledge. All of them, our elder brothers, may be dead to the flesh, but, apparently, they are very much alive on some higher dimension, proving the reality of life after death.

These higher concepts and ideas have great power! The curious will be fascinated. The ignorant will be captivated. The gullible will easily be swayed and the weak, controlled and dominated. Those who are open-minded will learn and those who are receptive will be guided. Fools will view everything and see nothing. The wise will analyze and question before coming to a conclusion. But the repentant and the righteous alone can gain the knowledge of the Truth.

These pages will blow you away! They will change you and change the way you look at everything, even life. With the advent of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Enlightenment, finally, you will learn who you really are, why you are here and what life is really all about. You will never be the same, again.

These teachings will surprise you, shock you, amaze and confuse you. But confusion is really the beginning of learning. And understanding can be yours if you continue your quest.

If you believe you are already saved, needing to do nothing more, if you think you already know the Truth or that you don't and no one can, if you feel that there is nothing more that you need to learn or you are content not knowing, then STOP close this page, and don't ever come back.

But if, like Adam and Eve, you want to taste the forbidden fruit, liberate your mind and acquire the knowledge of God then go ahead, take a bite, turn to the next page. Let the Light shine through! 

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